GHS Lemon Orange Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Pack of 5 Green House Seed Co.
GHS Lemon Orange Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Pack of 5 Green House Seed Co.

Lemon Orange Feminized Cannabis Seeds By Green House Seed Co.

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Lemon Orange

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Introducing the delicious and versatile Lemon Orange strain of marijuana seeds! This hybrid strain offers a perfect balance of citrusy lemon and sweet orange flavors, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. The high is uplifting and energizing, making it perfect for daytime use. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing, these seeds are easy to cultivate and produce high yields. Order now and experience the delicious taste and uplifting effects of the Lemon Orange strain for yourself!

What Is Lemon Orange Strain?

The Lemon Orange strain is a masterpiece of agricultural engineering, a genetic combination of the renowned Super Lemon Haze and the acclaimed Clementine strains. Boasting a high 29% THC level, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is the peak of euphoria, providing a long-lasting and uplifting experience for connoisseurs of the herb. The citrusy feeling of lemon and orange notes in their aroma and flavor makes it a popular choice among aficionados of the plant. Its lineage, adorned with numerous recognition in the past decade, solidifies its reputation as a highly sought-after cultivar.


The Lemon Orange strain is known for its distinct citrus aroma, with specific notes of lemon and orange. The aroma is often described as fresh, tangy, and sweet with a hint of haze. Some people might also detect a slight piney scent, which is a common trait of Sativa strains. The aroma of this strain is often described as invigorating, uplifting, and energizing.


The buds of the Lemon Orange strain have a distinctly fruity and sour taste, with a sweet, tangerine-like aftertaste.


The Lemon Orange strain has green buds with orange and yellow hues, dense and tightly packed, covered in trichomes and orange hairs, frosty, sticky, and resinous with medium to large size and sometimes with purple tones.

Lemon Orange Strain Specifications

Strain Parents: Super Lemon Haze x Clementine
Strain Dominant: 30% Indica – 70% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.2%
THC Content: 29%
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Lemon Orange Strain Growing Information

The Lemon Orange strain is a versatile marijuana plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoor growth takes 8-9 weeks and outdoor growth is harvested from September to October. It prefers a warm and sunny climate and may grow tall, so support or training is needed. It’s a high-yielding, easy-to-grow plant with a unique citrus aroma and uplifting effects, suitable for both beginner and experienced growers. It needs moderate fertilizer and regular pruning for optimal yield.

What Are The Medical Benefits Of Lemon Orange Strain?

The Lemon Orange strain is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, making it a popular choice for treating mood swings, stress, and fatigue. Its high THC content can also provide pain relief for conditions such as chronic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms. Additionally, its mood-enhancing properties can be beneficial for those with high restlessness. It can also help with focus, creativity, and appetite stimulation. As with all strains, it is important to remember that the effects of this strain may vary for each individual and should be used under the guidance of a medical professional.

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